Hotlink Protection 2

A hotlink occurs when another site embeds content from your site and uses your bandwidth to serve the files.

IP Blocker 3

It is also known as Formerly IP Address Deny Manager,It helps to Prevent access to your site from a range of IP addresses.

Leech Protection 4

Use Leech Protection to set a maximum number of logins that can occur within a two-hour time limit. This feature can help manage users who wish to give out or publicly post their passwords to a restricted area of your site.

Security Policy 3

Use the Security Policy feature to configure the security questions that are asked when you attempt to log in to your account from an unrecognized IP address.

SSH Access 5

SSH Access helps you to connect to your sever remotely, through the command line, with strong authentication and secure communications.

SSL/TLS Wizard 3

The SSL TLS Wizard interface allows you to easily purchase and install SSL certificates for domains on your account.

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