Backup 9

When you use the Backup interface to back up your website, you download a zipped copy of your entire site to your computer (home directory, databases, email forwarders, and email filters).

Backup Wizard 1

Use the Backup Wizard as a step-by-step guide to assist you and make certain that you do not lose anything important

Directory Privacy 3

Formerly Password Protect Directories Use Directory Privacy to limit access to certain resources on your website. Enable this feature to password-protect specific directories that you want to keep private from certain visitors.

Disk Usage 1

The Disk Usage feature scans your disk and displays a graphical overview of your account's available space. After you know which files use the most space, you can clean out the clutter.

File manager 1

Use the File Manager to quickly manage and navigate your files. This feature allows you to upload, create, remove, and edit files without the hassle of FTP or other third-party applications.

FTP Accounts 5

Use the FTP Accounts interface to manage File Transfer Protocol (FTP) accounts.

FTP Connections 2

Formerly FTP Session Control FTP Connections allow you to see who is logged in to your site via FTP. Terminate FTP connections to prevent file access by unwarranted users.

Images 3

Manage the images on your site with the Images feature. You can resize, convert file types, or view your images with this built-in feature.

Web Disk 3

Web Disk gives you access to your website's files as if they were a local drive on your computer. Use this feature to edit, navigate, upload, and download files on a remote web server.

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